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I don’t deserve this.

You can go fuck yourself. 
So fucking selfish.

I really don’t think it’ll work out.
What you want and what I want are two completely different things.

It’s such a shame. 

Welcome to University, I guess.

I like it when you show that you care. That’s all I ever needed from you.

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holy fuck.

I guess we’re going to try this dating thing.
Honestly, I wanted to date you for so long, but then I realized that I was perfectly fine with this whole casual friends/benefits thing.
Sunday was a little fucked though, a little too intimate for me.
Saturday was amazing though.
But if you want to try, I’m more than down. 

We’ll see. 
I just hope our friendship isn’t going to get fucked because of this. 
I don’t think it will. There’s a difference between starting out as friends and then dating than just dating right off the bat.

But you never know.